Some people use outdoor lighting fixtures primarily to fulfill a functional purpose. Others use their exterior illumination to help them make fundamental statements about their design preferences.

It’s up to you where your intentions rest along this spectrum, but why pass up the opportunity to express your style while complementing your home and its architecture as well? Here are some insights into what kind of statements you can make with your choices.

The Traditional Has an
Honored Place in Your Decor

You can express your love for vintage themes without even uttering a word. Lighting elements that incorporate archetypical materials and designs automatically put people in a mindset to appreciate timeless classicism.

Charleston Collection | Ashley Avenue Lantern
The Ashley Avenue Lantern is an excellent choice for grounding your exterior decor in traditional concepts.

Signature Series | Old World Lantern
The Old World Lantern is available in several finishes and with a variety of decorative accessories to complement your home.

Whether you express your traditional lighting preferences using the clean lines of copper lanterns placed judiciously above entryways or wall mounts inspired by Old-World sensitivities, the message is instantly clear. Your household may exist in the modern era, but it also appreciates the classic design of ages past.

Your Home Welcomes Visitors

Are you a paragon of hospitality? Your outdoor lighting choices probably show it.

Have you installed gas lights? If so, it’s a safe bet that your home appears far less imposing to travel-weary guests with a warm flame at your entry.

Signature Series | Vicksburg Lantern
The Vicksburg lantern casts natural light that provides a great combination of visibility and a warm welcome.

High quality electric lanterns are also an excellent choice to serve this purpose. When first-rate, durable materials are used and attention is paid to the details of classic design, they create quite a welcoming atmosphere.

You Have a Harmonious Sense of Arrangement

Modern fixtures can help cultivate a feeling of zen in their surroundings. Their intentional purposefulness and lack of visual clutter also make them great for those who love discovering new peaks of spatial design.

Modern Visions | Paradigm
Use the sleek Paradigm collection from Modern Visions to make an understated yet unmistakable statement.

Fanimation | Zonix
Sophisticated and stylish, The Zonix Wet Location by Fanimation is the perfect eye candy for any contemporary outdoor application.

On top of looking futuristic, clean-lined, modern outdoor lighting fixtures help clue others into the fact that you prefer to keep things clean and minimalistic. When combined with the aerodynamic curves of modern outdoor fans and similar porch decor, these lighting styles tell people that they should leave their baggage at the door.

Your Home Thrives on the Whimsical

What if you find that your stylistic choices lean towards the eccentric or whimsical? It’s not as atypical as you might believe. Lighting fixtures that seem unorthodox elsewhere are right at home among design elements that also promote the experimental, naturalistic and freeform.

Hinkley | Plantation
The Plantation collection from Hinkley features exceptional pineapple shaped, clear optic glass with elaborate, decorative cast detailing.

It doesn’t matter whether you love the symbol of hospitality provided by the Hinkley Plantation collection or you’re just irresistibly drawn to mixing and matching distinct styles to create something fresh. Choosing outdoor lighting selectively is a great way to imbue your property with the quirky sense of style that gives it authentic character.

What Statement Does Your Outdoor Lighting Make?

Are you taking advantage of your exterior lighting to say something meaningful, or is it a reflection of previous owners? Use your surroundings to create the ideal personalized environment.  Chat with a Carolina Lanterns and Lighting specialist today, or check out our Porches, Porticos, and Passageways board on Pinterest for more awesome inspirations.