The Art Deco style glamorously rolled onto the scene in the 1920’s with its bold geometric patterns, hard angles and characteristic symmetry. Dramatic and luxurious, this style often incorporated exotic woods, lacquered finishes, and mirrored surfaces.

Everything was intense and daring, including the colors and patterns. Think deep yellows, greens, reds, pinks and blues, mixed with black and metallics. Patterns included geometrics, stripes, and zig zags. Because travel, particularly safaris, were very popular, animal prints were also all the rage. Other popular motifs included sunbursts, leaves, branches, and feathers, with heavy symmetry.

We’re seeing a trend toward Art Deco interiors in 2018, but with a more refined approach.

If you’d like to incorporate a taste of this decadent style without going all-out Great Gatsby, think of letting it shine through in your lighting choices:

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Borland

The sunburst consistently appears in Art Deco interiors. Rock crystal, hewn from the distant mountains, bejewels the center of this glamorous sunburst, adding dynamic energy and a suggestion of luxury. 

Kichler’s Empire Collection

The Empire Collection from Kichler provides a perfect way to illuminate a hallway or bathroom. The inspired geometric patterns of the roaring 20s are paired with beautiful satin etched white glass. Also available as an outdoor wall lantern, the Empire can help bring a contemporary sophistication and art deco personality outside.

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Gatsby

Three discs of Spanish alabaster with smoothly rounded edges, each incrementally wider than the one proceeding it, make Gatsby a glamorous stand-out. Glare-free light both shines down through the porous alabaster as well as seeps out from behind a glossy opal diffuser in all directions.

Corbett’s Motif

The Motif Collection from Corbett Lighting is an exquisite nod to the Art Deco style. At the heart of the fixture is a substantial piece of ice-like glass. Glass gem pieces are nestled inside the geometric framework, held in place by gravity. The frame is iron finished with gold leaf.

Mitzi’s Amee


Mitzi’s Amee perfectly combines the stylized floral and the symmetry Art Deco is known for, adding a soft, natural nod to the style. Available with 5 or 10 lamps, and also as a sconce.

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Gideon



Gideon’s arms are round rods bent at obtuse angles, submerging into long tubes of metal the same diameter as the tubular bulbs which fit into them. In its chandelier form, a large crystal plate at its base, secured between arms and finial, adds just the right accent to Gideon’s minimalism. This fixture would be a very modern way to bring in a touch of the Art Deco style.

Kichler’s Vance Collection

The glitz and glamour of the Vance Collection from Kichler features a unique linear style and sleek proportions. Modernized, traditional elements adorn the collection, along with Antique Mercury glass panels, which make this piece a focal point of any room.

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Infinity Collection

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Infinity Collection features clean lines and bold geometrics, an undeniably Art Deco feel with a modern presentation.

Loving the Modern Art Deco trend that’s taking hold in 2018? We invite you to talk to a Carolina Lanterns and Lighting design specialist today to help you create the perfect plan for your space!