Have you dreamt of adding a beautiful outdoor living room to your home? It’s actually become quite common for homeowners to turn a patio, deck or other outdoor space into an additional family room. As well, most people would agree that being able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort is definitely a bonus.

There are so many ways you can spruce up your outdoor living room with modern amenities and beautiful furnishings. With your personal tastes and décor, it will indeed feel as comfortable as your indoor living area. Add stylish lighting and ceiling fans for the finishing touch and voila! You’ll have the gorgeous outdoor living room of your dreams. You’ll also have a cozy outdoor space you can enjoy any time of the year, regardless of the season.

Brilliant lighting ideas for an outdoor living room

The current trend in decorating outdoor spaces involves bringing all the comforts of home to the outdoors. Accessorizing an outdoor living room with traditionally indoor lighting products and fixtures, such as sconces and decorative fans, has gained momentum over the last several years.

There are many outdoor lighting options and fixtures available to choose from. And, with a little creativity and imagination, just about anything goes.

Here are a few illuminating ideas to start with

Outdoor Wall Lanterns

Elaborate Chandeliers


Decorative fans

Durable lighting and fixtures are essential for outdoor living spaces

High-quality outdoor lights and fans are engineered to stand up to rain, extreme temperatures, or other harsh weather events. Along with being designed for reliability and endurance, outdoor lights and fixtures are also fashioned to continue looking beautiful while withstanding the elements. New technology incorporates finish directly into the material of the fixture which optimizes its ability to hold up.

Rustic finishes typically hold up quite well. Metallic finishes, particularly copper, are also popular and tend to look even better as they age.

Enjoy the outdoor living room of your dreams

How do you envision your perfect outdoor living room? Whether you’re looking for a classic, contemporary style or one with a bold, modern feel (or anything in between!) we can help you choose the lighting that best suits your needs.

If you’re ready to turn your outdoor living room dream into a reality, we invite you to talk to a Carolina Lanterns and Lighting design specialist today!