The holidays have come and gone, and we still have several weeks of winter ahead of us. However, with the right lighting, your home can feel warm and bright this winter, even when it’s gloomy outside.

Is “Old Man Winter” Getting You Down?

Between the post-holiday blues and colder weather, it’s quite common to feel a little down-in-the-dumps this time of year.

Sometimes, the shorter, darker days make people feel melancholy. This excessive sadness may be attributed to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can cause depression-like symptoms. Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do to help combat the effects of SAD.

Natural daylight is certainly the most effective way to beat those winter blues. Use sheer drapes during the daylight hours when possible and keep the heavy curtains and/or shutters open until nightfall. Some homes don’t receive much natural light though, either due to their position or because of cloudy days.

Here are a few other ways to make your home brighter and cheerier when your home doesn’t have much natural daylight:

  • Use light colors for room surfaces.
  • Incorporate an indirect light source into your room.
  • Use accent and spot lights – perhaps from track or cable lighting – to add bright accents on plants, decorations or feature areas. The effect will be similar to sunshine and shadows.

Let it Glow! Extra Lighting Can Go a Long Way

Increasing your overall illumination scheme will help to make up for those lost daylight hours. It’s the perfect time to add table and floor lamps throughout your home and swap out low-wattage bulbs with brighter, energy-efficient ones.

Using dimmers for your lights is a good idea during the evening hours though to help you transition to bedtime.

You may also want to up your dining room lights for more cheerful dining when it’s cold and dark outside. You can accomplish this by placing higher-wattage bulbs in chandeliers, sconces, and other overhead lights.

Are you looking for ways to light up your home this winter? Let us inspire you! We invite you to talk to a Carolina Lanterns and Lighting design specialist today!